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All You Need to Know About Paternity Testing

The relationship between parents and children is one of the most important, if not the most important, relationship in the lives of both the parents and the children. In a world where broken families have become the norm and single mothers have grown in number, many children fail to know about their true fathers. This can be extremely disconcerting for children as a father’s affection and love is very important for their development. Similarly, many fathers don’t get to know about their children as well. It was extremely difficult to ascertain the true parentage of children some time back with various conflicts arising over a child’s true father all around the world. It was difficult to identify whether claims made by an individual that he is the father of a certain child or claims made by a mother about the parentage of her child or claims made by a child about his true parentage were true or not. However, this isn’t difficult anymore with DNA paternity testing which can eliminate all wrongful claims about a person’s true parentage and can also ascertain the true parentage of an individual through DNA testing. 

What is a DNA Paternity Test?

A DNA paternity test is a test which is done to confirm the parentage of a child. A child’s true father can be identified through the test. The test results normally tell whether a certain individual is the given child’s father or not. The DNA test is normally 100% accurate with there being no errors detected. The test requires samples from the child, the mother and the alleged father. In case two men lay claim to being the father of a single child, the DNA samples of both men will be required.  

The DNA test is conducted by taking a DNA which is a very easy and simple process. Obviously, for the test to be conducted, it requires the consent of everyone involved. If the child is 16 years old or above then the child’s consent would be needed as well. Otherwise, the consent of the parents would suffice. In cases where an individual does not consent, the case can be taken to court and a parentage suit can be filed with the court then deciding whether the test should be conducted or not.  Read More...

The Fine Line of Legit Claims Vs Abusive

Abuse and fraud are costly and quite widespread tody. Be it in the corporate world as seen by the UUtech Vs Getty Images case or in the health sector. Fraud is intentional misinterpretation and deception meant for illegal benefit, such as billing for non-rendered services. 

Abuse in the health sector is unfair charging, charging for medically unnecessary service or for those that are unprofessional, such as testing more patients than the ones who require to be tested. Abuse and fraud are similar, but it is impossible to prove that an abusive act was done with fraudulent intentions. Read More...

Five Legal Options to Deal with Corporate Crime

Types of Corporate Crimes

Corporate crime is a reality and is quite rampant too then people know. Corporations all over the world engage in a number of illegal activities and seem to get away with it scotch free. The reason why they are able to do so is because of loopholes present in the corporate laws that allow them to commit frauds.

In the UK too, large corporations have been able to avoid criminal proceedings for years because of lack of proper legislation. Moreover, these corporations have over the years become too strong even for the government to prosecute because of how involved they are in shaping the governments themselves. 

Just like individuals, corporations engage in a number of different types of crimes. The most common among them, which are termed as white collar crimes involve bank fraud, bribery, blackmail, corruption, money laundering, insider trading, financial misconduct, breach of trade sanctions and market abuse. Another type of corporate crime is organized crime. This is when criminals setup a corporation or a company to launder the money that they make from their criminal activities. Another type of corporate crime is state-corporate crime. This type of corporate crime is when both state and corporation are involved in the commitment of the wrongdoing. Read More...

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Searching for a reputable legal training centre in the UK. Just complete the form below and let us help you in becoming a successful lawyer.

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